Dear everyone,

Thanks for visiting! I’ve had this site for quite a while, but I’ve been lax on producing new content. So what I’m doing is relaunching the site with a new look. At first, I will refresh the old posts, enhance them, and re-publish them. I’ll also be producing new content so that when all the old posts have been reissued, I’ll have fresh new stuff for you to read. For me, it’s all about gaining forward momentum, and of course it’s always easier to do something when you’re not starting from scratch.

Why this blog? I hold a doctorate in comparative literature; I study Latin American, Brazilian, and U.S. literature of the nineteenth century. But I absolutely LOVE tv and popular culture. I’ve noticed that people talk about shows as if they’re in a vacuum: they’ll connect them to a previous version or a genre, but many of the most successful scripted shows on tv are very much related to Western Literature. I want to write about these shows and also connect them to the predecessors out there. By predecessors, I don’t mean a “direct descendant,” but rather cultural products that have affinities to each other. Many of my posts, especially in the beginning, will be about shows or episodes from the past, though as I say my piece on older shows, I hope that newer, current shows will take precedence. Every once in a while, I will drift into music, comics, and video games. While my first love is tv, I enjoy a lot of popular culture.

I hope to have some fun with this and that any readers that I may come can enjoy the commentary. I will also be tweeting about mostly ridiculous things, like reality shows, that may not make it onto the blog themselves. I also express my views on politics and culture in general on twitter, so be forewarned that it’s now always going to be about culture narrowly defined. You can follow me on @thatwasdeep). I will try my best not to insert my personal life in this blog, but it seems as if personal life/commentary is endemic to this genre, so I can’t promise anything.



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